04 October 2013
EASIAM Bandung
In this article, we want to give a brief review about EASIAM conference that we attended last June at Bandung.

EASIAM stands for the East Asia Section of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. It is an organization part of SIAM who aims to promote the application of mathematics to science, engineering, and technology. Every year, the organization holds an international conference around East Asia. This year in 18-20 June 2013, the conference was held in Bandung, Indonesia and hosted by the Department of Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). 


The topics of this conference this year are related to the following fields, applied ODE and PDE, applied linear algebra, optimizations and applied probability and combinatorics. This conference was the 9th conference held by EASIAM. 


As one of the Mathematics Departments in Indonesia, Mathematics @ UPH took part in the conference. We sent one of our lecturers to speak and to give a seminar as part of our lecturer's mathematical research. The topic presented was about the application of Taylor methods in solving an ordinary differential equation numerically. This is still a preliminary research and can be expanded more. Fruitful discussions and getting inputs from experts were the main objective of the talk.