07 October 2013
Actuarial Science Workshop
As one of the few department in Indonesia who run an actuarial program, we want to facilitate our students and staffs with a workshop that was held during June to August 2013.

Actuarial science is one of the most sought job in the world and is one of the top three jobs that paid the highest salary since 2008. Mathematics @ UPH has committed to bring the best actuarial education for our students and in order to prove that Mathematics @ UPH held an Actuarial Workshop during the semester break (between June to August 2013). The workshop is intended for our staff and for senior students who are interested to conduct the examination to get certifications from the Society of Actuaries. 


Mathematics @ UPH is one of the few department in Indonesia who run an actuarial program. Indonesia, based on the report from the Indonesian Society of Actuaries (the so-called Persatuan Aktuaris Indonesia or PAI) has only less than 200 qualified actuaries, compared to our neighbor who has at least 1000 qualified actuaries.


With this workshop, we aim to increase awareness of how important actuaries is and to improve our staff and students skills in actuarial science. The workshop is held in 12 weeks starting from May to August 2013, once in a week. The speaker of the workshop is Ms Netty Suryadi, M.Si. who is a lecturer from Universitas Indonesia and an expert in Actuarial Science.