13 November 2013
UPH FSM Students Achieved 5 Awards in National Olympiad MIPA-PT 2013
Five students from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) of UPH that was sent to compete in the ON MIPA-PT 2013 succeeded in achieving five medals.

UPH FSM Students Achieved 5 Awards in National Olympiad MIPA-PT 2013

Five students from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) of UPH that was sent to compete in the Olimpiade Nasional Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam tingkat Perguruan Tinggi – ON MIPA-PT (National Olympiad of Mathematics and Science for University Level) succeeded in achieving five medals. The golden medal was achieved by Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja (2009) in the Mathematics field, two silver medals were achieved by Rosaria (2011) and Listiarini (2010) in the Biology field and two bronze medals were achieved by Panji Widiarda Rabowo (2009) in the Mathematics field while the Biology fields were achieved by Dany Laurent (2009).


ON MIPA-PT 2013 was an event for the competition of 4 fields of science; Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. This year is the third time for the Direktorat Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi – DIKTI (Directorate General of Higher Education) to hold this National Olympiad. The flow of the competition had began since February 2013 to March 2013 with the selection of the students from university level.


The second stage began from April 29 to April 30. In this stage, the selection from each region was conducted where 3.200 students participated in it. Out of those numbers, 4 representatives from UPH FSM manage to proceed to the national level. Those 4 students are Rosaria (2011), Listiarini (2010), Panji Widiarda Rabowo (2009) and Dany Laurent (2009).


 The representatives of UPH FSM did not stop there with the addition of Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja (Mathematics 2009), the 3rd winner in the Intenational Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria 2012, who was invited to also compete in the National Olympiad. With that, the total of representatives of UPH FSM became 5 students.

The national round was held from May 29 to June 1, 2013 in Yogyakarta, attended by 248 participants divided into four fields, each of 62 participants. UPH FSM team achieved 1 Gold medal, 2 Silver medals, and 2 Bronze medals. The winners were given certificate, medals, and cash in which the Gold medalist got Rp 6.500.000, Silver medalist got Rp 4.500.000, and the Bronze medalist got Rp 2.500.000.


 The medalists in the National Olympiad also got a chance to participate in the selection for the position of top 7 that will represent Indonesia to the mathematics competition in the international level, International Mathematics Competition (IMC) XIX which will be held from August 6 to August 12 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

The representatives from UPH FSM who get the chance to participate in this selection for the international level, besides Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja and Panji Widiarda Rabowo, is Abe Garcia Vallerian TS. Abe is added to the representatives due to his achievement as the winner in Olimpiade Sains Nasional (OSN) Pertamina 2012 (Pertamina National Olympiad of Science 2012).


The following are the testimonials from the winners of ON MIPA PT 2013:




Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja (Mathematics 2009)

The gold medal achievement in ON MIPA PT is one great accomplishmentThe materials in the competition are getting harder year-by-year. There were many positive things that I could get in this competition; among them are the experiences of being taught by the best Mathematics lecturers in Indonesia and learning new materials that I could never get in the class. The role of FSM lecturers is also important in helping me to solve many difficult questions. They were very intense in giving the guidance and input to the point that they had given special time slot for teaching the Olympiad representatives. After this competition, I still have to prepare myself to face the selection for the international level. After graduating this year, I also want to work and continue my Mathematics study to the Master level.





 Panji Widiarda Rabowo (Mathematics 2009)


This was my time when I was in the Science Olympiad. Before this achievement, I never succeeded in getting a medal, but this year, I am very grateful to finally be able achieve a bronze medal. The materials that are tested are getting difficult year by year and not only that, the competition is getting fiercer. Therefore, the lecturers helped us for the preparation by teaching and opening up classes that gave many helpful materials for the students who were going to join the competition. Besides that, the students also had to do their own preparation, but the lecturers were very willing to help us when we were stuck facing difficult questions. After graduating this year, I already have accepted to work as an actuary.




Rosaria (Biology 2011)


This is the second time I participated in the ON MIPA PT. Last year, I managed to achieve a bronze medal and for this year, I have succeeded in getting the silver medal. For the preparation, we learnt by ourselves and utilized many books from the UPH Library. The lecturers were also very helpful by giving guidance and input. I am very grateful and still want to pursue my target to get a gold medal in the next year Olympiad.





Listiarini (Biology 2010)


This achievement was quite a surprise for me because the competition was quite fierce. I am very grateful for achieving this silver medal. Because last year, I was also participating but at that time I did not manage to get a medal. My target is to be back in the next year competition and get the gold medal. I also want to encourage the juniors of FSM to join the Olympiad.





 Danny Laurent (Biology 2009)


This is my last chance to participate in the Science Olympiad because this year is the final year of my study. I already participated in ON MIPA PT twice. In 2011 my achievement was a bronze medal and for 2012 I got an Honorable Mention, finally in 2013 I managed to get a bronze medal. My plan for the future after graduating this year is to work in the research or education field so that the knowledge that I have learnt so far could be applied. I also have planned to continue my Biology study to the Master degree.