07 February 2017
UPH Mathematics Student Greatly Performed at ON-MIPA 2015
Congratulations to Evan Kurnia Alim, student of mathematics batch 2013 whose brought Pelita Harapan University, specifically mathematics department, to excel again in one of the most prestigious competition for university students in Indonesia , ON - MIPA



To God to be the glory, on the Mathematics&Science National Olympiad for College (ON - MIPA PT), UPH got another achievements by getting the bronze medal. Participants ON MIPA - PT 2015 must follow Regional Level Selection on 8-9 April 2015 which held simultaneously in all premises in their respective territories. When participants passed the regional level selection phase, participants are entitled to attend the national level of ON-MIPA PT which was held in Surabaya on 24-28 May 2015. There are four branches that are contested in this competition, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The final round followed by 256 students from 81 colleges that are representative of each region Kopertis. Each branch is followed 64 finalists.


Evan Kurnia Alim, a student majoring in mathematics class of 2013 , have made achievement by successfully become one of the participants of the 64 participants ON- MIPA PT national level to the branch of mathematics . Not only became one of the seven participants representing Kopertis 3, Evan also be the sole representative of Banten province in this competition. Furthermore, Evan also received a bronze medal in this prestigious competition. This is a great record since Evan was in his second year in college can work on the problems in the competition which is not quite easy for students on his level. The mathematical material which included in this math competitions are: linear algebra, algebraic structures, real analysis, complex analysis, and combinatorics.
The success that has been achieved is adding collections to the achievements that have been generated by the mathematics department of UPH. This is the fourth time in a row, mathematics department of UPH got an achievement in the national level of ON-MIPA. We are from all departments of Mathematics UPH give thanks for the blessings that have been given by God. O thou continue working with students majoring in mathematics remained true to the vision of the UPH, True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character.