23 May 2017
Reminisce – Day May Pass but Memories Last
Reminisce is a work plan brought by the Internal Division of HMM-UPH that is dedicated to the soon-to-be graduated Mathematics and Biology students. This year’s Reminisce was to give appreciation to the batch 2012 students. The main purpose of this event



Reminisce was held on November 19th, 2016 from 16:30 P.M. to 20:50 P.M. at Universitas Pelita Harapan building B 550-552 and was joined by 75 Mathematics and Biology students from batch 2012 until 2016. Overall, Reminisce was going smoothly as planned. The event began with a prayer and speeches from lectures, staffs, juniors, and fellow graduating students. Technically, this event had dinner served accompanied by performances from the students. In between sessions, there were videos of the journey of the batch 2012 students since the first day of university until graduation, and also some games that were participated by the lecturers and students.


The reaction from the participants of Reminisce was positive. They all enjoyed the whole sessions, judging from the non-stop smiles and laughter throughout the event. At last, congratulation for the graduation for batch 2012 students!