29 October 2017
Leaders in Mathematics
“Unleash Your Potentials”




Leaders in Mathematics (LiM) is an event brought by Internal Relation Division of HMM-UPH aiming to introduce the major of Mathematics and the upcoming events of HMM-UPH. LiM was held on September 23, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at B538, Universitas Pelita Harapan and was attended by 24 future leaders from batch 2016 and 2017. This event was hosted by the talented Nicholas Satyahadi and Grady Matthias Oktavian, who opened with a prayer, followed by opening speeches.


Firstly, participants were given several sessions delivered by experienced people their respective fields. The first session was delivered by Ferry Vincenttius Ferdinand, a lecturer in Mathematics Department. He shared the brief history of the major which the participants chose to pursue further, how it was formed along with the ups and downs, and also the people who played important roles behind the Mathematics Department.


The event was continued with another session by the current President of Mathematics Student Association, Regina Clara Widjaya. This session aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge regarding HMM-UPH. The speaker also talked about how HMM-UPH was formed and its previous presidents as well as their most outstanding program. 


The third session was delivered by Sylviani Chandra, the previous President of Mathematics Student Association. This session attempts to raise the participants’ awareness that being involved in an organization brings a lot of beneficial experiences aside from attending classes. She also shared her unforgettable experiences during these few years serving in UPH.


Beside that were mini games and mentoring time. During the mentoring time, four competent mentors (Felicia Sofian, Katrin Revina, Stella Priscilla, and Yoga Pratama Dosen) shared their experiences when participating in committees and organization. The participants could also ask things that they were curious about regarding organization life.


Leaders in Mathematics was closed with a organizing committee simulation, which was the highlight of this event. During that two hours, participants had to plan an event and were given several trivial problems that are usually faced when becoming a member of a committee. Participants were enthusiastic and they cooperated well in the simulation.


Through this event, we hope that the participants can have new experiences, make new friends, grow closer to each other, and more importantly, gain more knowledge about the major of Mathematics, HMM-UPH, and also organization life. We also hope that the participants are encouraged to be more active in the events that are held by both HMM-UPH and other student organizations.


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