Standard Operation Procedure


Infinitics Mathematics Modeling Competition





a.     Registration

Every team should sign up no later than March 3rd 2017.

b.     Team members

                  i.     Every team consists of 3 high school students and an assisting teacher whom is there to guide and confirm that the participants do not cheat, not to solve the problem. The assisting teacher is chosen by the team itself and come from the corresponding high school.

                   ii.     Team members must be high school students while the competition is held.

                  iii.     All of the team members must be from the same school.

                  iv.     Participants are Indonesian citizens and are in the high school state of education while INFINITICS is held.

              v.     Every individual can only be signed up to 1 team. If the committee finds out that there are participants who are signed up to more than 1 team, then the committee has the right to disqualify all the teams where those participants belong.


A.   Choosing a Topic

1.     The questions for each topic will be uploaded on INFINITICS website ( on March 6th 2017 at 08.00 A.M.

2.     Participants are allowed to choose one from two topics provided. Afterchoosing the topic, participants must send an e-mail to INFINITICS( the following format:

E-mail Subject                         :PEMODELANTOPIK_(nomor topik)_(nomor registrasi)

                                    E-mail content can be left blank


Registration Number    : 101

Topic Number              : 2

E-mail Subject             : PEMODELANTOPIK_2_101

3.     There is a maximum quota for each topic. When the quota for any topic is full, participants can’t choose that topic anymore. Therefore, please choose the topic wisely and send us a confirmation e-mail as soon as possible.

B.    Filling Out The Honesty Form

1.     The team have the obligation to fill in an honesty form which has to be signed by all team members and theassisting teacher. This form can be found at INFINITICS website along with the topics at the specified time.

2.     The team must return the honesty form along with the modeling paper.

C.    Paper Guidance

1.     The paper must be made according to the format specified by the committee. Papers that does not follows the given format will not be examined by the jury.

2.     Participants are allowed to search for information from any sources. EVERY SOURCE NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED.

If the source is not specified, the team is considered to have committed plagiarism and will be disqualified from the competition.

3.     The time given to work on the papers is 5 days, counted from the day of the publishng of the topics.

Files that should be attached in the e-mail:

a)   Modeling paper with the required format, and the paper file name: PEMODELAN_(topic)_MAKALAH_(registration number)

b)   Honesty form that has been filled by team members and scanned, with the form file name:

PEMODELAN_FORMKEJUJURAN_(registration number)

Important note: The team with the wrong file name will be disqualified


                                                Registration Number                               : 101

                                                E-mail Subject                                         : PEMODELAN_2_101

Files attached in the e-mail:

1.     File Name for Papers                  : PEMODELAN_2_MAKALAH_101

2.     File Name for Honesty Form       : PEMODELAN_FORMKEJUJURAN_101

4.     The paper must be made in Bahasa.

D.   Papers Submission

The paper must be submitted to the committee on March 10th, 2017, no later than 11:59 P.M., via INFINITICS e-mail ( with the following format:

E-mail Subject             : PEMODELAN_(topic)_(registration number)


1.     Participants will receive a confirmation e-mail from the committee as a proof that e-mail of papers and honesty form have been received.

2.     The results of modeling will become the property of INFINITICS and the committee will have the right to used it for INFINITICS behalf.

3.     The results of the preliminary round will be announced on March 24th, 2017. Three finalists from each topic will be invited to participate in the final round and  series of closing events that will be held on March 30, 2017 to April 1, 2017.

4.     Announcement of the finalists will be made through website of INFINITICS ( The finalists will be contacted via e-mail and phone  number which are listed.